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That feel when I accidentally deleted the Demo and finally found it again * Phew* 

It's actually really hard to search for this game , even when I type the full name of the game into itch? Let's hope that gets resolved soon!

Onto my "review".

This is probably the first game review I've wrote but it's also personal as well.  Think of it as a thank you message because it's definitely biased since I like it so much.

Ahh man, thank you so so much for making so a game! Even if it's only a demo, it perfectly incorporated the Pomodoro technique ^^ 

Honestly, this would be a beautiful visual novel (would be really interesting to see how it turns out) and it's really put me back on track and helping me to break my last minuting patterns! Maybe there could be character unlockables the more you study? And if you cheat, then you're basically cheating yourself.  Maybe even achievements as well?  Or cut scenes? I'm just throwing ideas here but honestly this game doesn't  have to be super ambitious, it's lovely as it is :)

The plot is absolutely relatable! Simple and not super complex. Just two girls trying to get studying done. The scenery and ambience music is great too. It really keeps you focused and doesn't interfere with that workflow. Last but not least, Rebbey really did well for the artwork as well! It's beautiful!  

I'm not joking when I say this really helped me and calmed me down  during my stressful assignment days. I was honestly in awe since I've tried everything and yet I couldn't stick to it, but for some reason, this did the very trick and got me to focus through all of my workload.  ^^


The TLDR: For anyone who feels a bit overwhelmed and needs some simple but not distracting to refocus, definitely try the story mode then continue with the zen mode for maximum focus ^^

And thank you for making such a wonderful game *Even if it's just a demo*. I thought this really deserved my voice on how much this "game" has inspired me to stop wasting my precious time, get what I need done then work through what it is that I want to achieve.


Please make this game in it's full state this was so helpful to keep me on track with my ADD.


Great introduction to this focus technique!

I'm curious how the visual novel format would work beyond the 1 study session. In any case this would make a great study app, I think especially if ported to mobile.